JWG Events
Why you should never miss a JWG Global, Virtual Seminar!

John Graham
Senior Director of Regulation

‘The defining feature of JWG’s work through seminars and webinars is that it not only brings together stakeholders to discuss the challenges facing our markets but it’s an opportunity to highlight real-life solutions on how to remediate and resolve these challenges’

Jackson Mueller
Director of Policy and Government Relations

Few, if any, events go as in-depth in their coverage of critical regulations and legislation as JWG events do. Rather than pontificating on ‘what’s next’ or simply searching for general reactions, JWG events breakdown complex topics into a digestible format, providing viewers with a greater understanding of the opportunities and complexities current (and upcoming) regulation has on continually evolving capital markets and subsequent impact on a wide-range of market participants’

Rudolf Siebel

‘JWG’s well researched agenda enabled a frank exchange of views on what key actions are required from regulators and the regulated to overcome difficult market transparency challenges’

David Silverman
Risk & Compliance Senior Executive

‘In a noisy world, JWG seminars are worth my time because PJ does an excellent job of selecting panelists who know their stuff, preparing extensively beforehand and then moderating and leading the discussion to answer the questions I wish I had thought to ask. Highly recommended’

Ralf Huber
Co-Founder & CRO

‘JWG RegTech Seminars are a great place for us to connect with industry experts who face the challenges of the wavering regulatory landscape — and share how the Apiax solution can help FIs can stay ahead of the compliance curve by embedding compliance into their existing systems and processes’

Janine Hofer-Wittwer
CFA – Head of ESG Data and RegRisk Services

‘The panel brought together experienced industry participants with different perspectives to highlight that even in areas as diverse as ESG and trading there are similarities when it comes to successfully managing regulatory data challenges’

Marc Gratacos
Managing Partner

‘The NextGen Trading Compliance RegTech Seminar 2023 combined in-depth discussions on the relevant issues facing the financial markets industry bringing together a wide range of industry experts. Members from the buy and sell side, exchanges, platforms, and technology providers provided different perspectives on the current transparency and compliance topics. In my view, the seminar showed these differences, enriching the learning experience and providing me with a wider set of market transparency and compliance issues to take into account’

Paul Cottee
Director, Subject Matter Expert, Compliance

‘It was a real privilege to be included in a panel of true ‘experts’. Uniquely, JWG has such a standing in the industry that PJ is able to attract senior industry figures to join interesting and topical forums. Even as a speaker, I always go away having learnt something, and with copious notes and plenty of food for further thought; sometimes challenging my own preconceptions. That said, as an ex-practitioner it’s also good to have some of my own ideas validated’

Richard Bain
Head of Compliance

‘For all industry practitioners operating within the regulatory perimeter, this is a must watch. Hear from experts on what are the key trade compliance challenges and how RegTech and market participants are coming together to solve’