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The state of our digital rails

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Regulatory frameworks in developed economies are being adjusted to accommodate institutional needs.  Permissioned block trading will require legal certainty, standards interoperability and tokenized infrastructure. How will market and regulatory demand drive digital rail development?

Regulatory Challenges
  • EU Parliament DLT pilot
  • ISOCO De Fi report
  • FCA notice to regulated firms with cryptoassets
  • BoE crypto and De Fi
  • PRA dear CEO letter on cryptoassets
  • BIS DeFi research here
  • E-securities act (DE bonds, funds)
  • CSSF DLT paper
  • Lux: issuance/ settlement on DLT
  • US SEC: no-action letter re: ATS role in settlement of digital assets
  • Tokenized fund law (DE)
  • Digital fund services (DE)
  • US SEC: T+1 settlement proposal
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • International regulatory alignment
  • Global ledger interoperability
  • Standard dictionaries
  • Standard identifiers (e.g., LEI, UPI, DTI)
  • Glossaries and best practices
  • Governance and dispute resolution